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Case Study: The George & Dragon

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

The concept of mobile ordering and payment for customers in pubs, bars, and events, is a relatively new one, and thus far has not receive widespread acceptance from the venue owners to onboard them. The biggest challenge we face at SAVR, is convincing venue owners that customers appreciate having the option to order and pay from their mobile phones, and that it can bring resounding benefits to their venues.

This was how owner Ray Corner felt when SAVR approached him at his pub, The George & Dragon, Fitzrovia.

His main concerns centred around the potential lack of personal service for customers; how the platform would integrate with his existing processes, and would it just be more work without reward for his staff? Despite these concerns, the passion and commitment from our team led him trial SAVR, and we worked closely with Ray to ensure that the platform was able to afford benefits to both him and his customers.

As part of the on-boarding process, we set up The George & Dragon on SAVR, providing a tablet and staff training too. Additionally, we launched social media campaigns aimed at driving footfall with offers and promotions, whilst remaining on hand to answer any questions from the staff and assist with any issues.

Since our launch, SAVR has been a success at The George & Dragon. Social media campaigns drove footfall to the venue, but most tellingly, Ray noticed that SAVR customers were spending up to 55% more on average than conventional customers, thanks to queuing time becoming consuming time and increased drinks turnover. Furthermore, the staff were easily able to integrate SAVR into The George & Dragon's existing processes; easy to use and even faster than when dealing directly with conventional customers. Most importantly however, patrons of The George & Dragon were happy with SAVR, and happy with the ability to order drinks from anywhere in the bar, thus avoiding queuing being allowed to focus on enjoying their time how they wanted.

Ray will be opening his new venue this month, The Metropolitan, in Westbourne Park, and is looking to bring SAVR with him too, such has been the success of mobile ordering and payment. Customers can also expect SAVR to be available in subsequent new venues of his, expected open throughout the course of the year, across London.

For those interested in SAVR, you will be pleased to know that we are offering a Free Trial over the course of the Summer, so that you can join Ray in experiencing the benefits of mobile ordering and payment. Register today!

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