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Big Tech in the Nightlife Industry

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

London has one of the most vibrant and exciting nightlife scenes in the world. From cosy speak easies to sunny beer gardens, to packed clubs to 24-hour casinos you can truly party from dawn to dawn. However, despite the wealth of bars, pubs and clubs for all tastes, London is often blighted by the difficulties of getting a drink at a bar, often packed with eager patrons.

This bottle neck at the bar area has deep impacts on many aspects of the nightlife industry including; poor customer experience, increased costs from greater staff requirements, and lost revenue from patrons opting to stay out of the queues over having another drink.

Enter SAVR, our new app designed to eradicate those queues and unlock value throughout the nightlife industry. We conceptualised SAVR whilst stuck in a queue at a bar in Barcelona. Frequently finding ourselves stuck in a queue for 10 minutes for every round was no way to spend a night out, and we realised it was significantly impacting our going-out experience. We figured, given the way technology has advanced, there had to be a way of utilising it to remove queues at the bar and improve the customer experience. Since then we’ve built and trialled SAVR in several bars around London and have witnessed outstanding results. We’ve received consistently positive customer feedback with frequent requests to speak to customers’ favourite venues about introducing them to SAVR. Meanwhile, at our partner bars we’ve been able to increase footfall (through SAVR’s offer notification functionality), reduce costs, and most impressively, increase customer average spend by as much as 55%. This increase is a product of turning time spent queuing into time spent consuming, as well as allowing customers to increase their drinks turnover by ordering their next beverage before they’ve finished their current one.

These substantial benefits are gaining attention around London’s nightlife scene and have led to SAVR recently undertaking a highly successful partnership with the Camden Rocks Festival and KOKO Camden. During the course of the festival SAVR processed 25% of all orders at KOKO’s Gallery Bar allowing people to avoid queues and focus on the acts performing. Additionally, through an extensive social media campaign run in just 10 days, as well as a direct marketing campaign during the festival, we were able to boost footfall to the bar as well.

But it not just new partners who SAVR has been impressing. At our flagship venue, the George and Dragon on Cleveland Street, owner Ray Corner has decided to introduce SAVR to his new pub the Metropolitan, an events pub that hosts shows, and acts, situated on Great Western Way. Ray said, “customers enjoy being able to stand outside in the sun and order their beers without queuing, whilst we’ve been able to gain the benefits of increased customer sales. Plus, it’s really easy to operate and provides a useful insight into who’s buying what”. SAVR will be launching at the Metropolitan in early July and is in additional discussions with other bars around London, keen to capitalise on higher footfall during the summer months.

Despite initial caution from bar owners, who have been concerned with removing the line of customer engagement at the bar, SAVR has proved that a simple alternative to queuing can bring more benefits to their business. By increasing the customer’s choice surrounding how they interact with the bar, SAVR can enhance the customer’s experience, whilst unlocking significant value to the bars, pubs and clubs of London.

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