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5 of the Best: Shoreditch

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Hipsters, techies, the 'it' crowd, and people in the know all come to the cool corner of London to revel until the sun comes up! Here are our 5 best spots to drink craft beers, play golf, or dance in a ball pit:


Strongroom offers a little bit of everything; great craft beer, outdoor space, excellent food, events, and of course late night dancing! Don't miss out...

Trapeze Bar

Keeping London entertained with it's faded circus glamour every night of the week, come here to escape the ordinary and instead excite in the extraordinary!

Magic Roundabout

Literally in the middle of Old Street roundabout this place offers one of the best spots for outdoor drinking in Shoreditch! Come after work and enjoy the tropical vibe

Junkyard Golf Club

'Crazy golf just got epic', we couldn't have put it better ourselves! Indulge in creative cocktails whilst playing golf through four 9 hole courses of trash, scraps and junk!

Ballie Ballerson

Remember when you where a kid and used to love ball pits? Know how you like drinking and stuff now? PUT. THEM. TOGETHER.....

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