Our Story

SAVR is a story about some guys who queued too long at the bar, too many times, and wanted a change.


We were in Barcelona at the time, out as a group of friends. The queue at the bar was heaving, and by the second or third round we realised that we had spent more time in the queue than not. It was dampening the mood, and it meant that whoever was at the bar was missing out on what was happening with the rest of the group. We figured that with all the technology available to us, there had to be a better way of getting our drinks. After some thinking, some more queuing, and a host of different ideas, we eventually came to the one - why not order and pay for the drinks from your phone, and pick up once they are ready?

Being from London, we thought, what better place to set it up than here; lots of people, lots of venues, lots of queues. So once we got back, we started right away. It was an idea borne out of frustration with not being able to spend our time how we wanted, which led us to our name, SAVR: Save time and Savour the moments.

We don't to be the focus of your night, we just want to make it better so you take back control of your time, and enjoy your night how you want to. Whether you are out with friends, watching the game, or on a date, we are here to help.


So join, order, and enjoy. Welcome to SAVR.